Amanda Goodman and Mallory Arents, Darien Library

They introduced themselves. A start up is a company who is solving a problem where success is not guaranteed. Darien is a small town of 20,000 residents. A lot of their population commutes to and from NYC every day. Their community is very affluent and educated, but when the 2008 crash hit, it hit the community.

Their reference room then became a “hub” for business people to start businesses or do industry research. Then they are sent to work in the Digital Media Lab with Amanda. She does a lot of one-on-one work here.
She recommended other presentations they should look at that they saw at the conference. “Intro to Customer Development” by MJ D'Elia is one of them.

These are some tools they shared to help start ups:

Personas: One of the first tools they recommend is called MyBestSegments. It's a persona tool, and this takes the works out of it.
Prizm: Lifestyle segmentation, where you merely put in your zip code and it tells you about different aspects of the community. This is a Nielsen product, so it looks at consumer surveys. They use 66 different personas. Darien is part of the “Upper Crust” persona, whereas Miami is the “urban elders.” Two very different groups of people are targeted in these personas.
ConneXions: This talks about how digitally savvy people are.
P$YCLE: This is about client finances. Who CAN purchase your items?

Targeted Emails: Facebook appeals to women 35 and up and less than 2% of posts on Facebook and Twitter teach us. But, over 90% of emails will hit an inbox, but are people reading it? Here is where subject lines come in handy. AB Testing tests email subject lines. Our patrons need to be able to segment emails. is a great tool for this, and it has many free features. It has a drag and drop interface. You can also segment your emails.

How do you segment?
Location: Example would be emails to college students with different types of language.

How do you get people on your newsletter?: You can add a subscriber form to the site.
Via postcards or receipts, social media

How can start ups utilize social media?
Claim your brand page, as you want to control your own message.
Listen for mentions: when people mention your company, thank them. This is a great way to meet clients.
Google Plus often makes its own page for your business.
LinkedIn: Set up a profile. But how can it help? Join interest groups. If you are a lawn care company, join groups of the similar interest, because you can message people in that group.
Topsy: This is great for patrons who are hesitant about social media, and this provides an overview of one subject.
6 Reasons to Use Topsy:
11 Power Twitter Searches:
Video Outreach: Cameras with green screens can be useful for commercials.
This is 600% more effective than print and direct mail. People like videos and stories.

Website Platform: They want to know how to make a website.
First, get an idea about their tech comfort. What are their goals?
Does your business exist if you're not online? You need something for people to go to in the digital space.
WordPress is a great tool. It comes in free and paid versions. Some of their patrons have used their websites.
Squarespace is a paid option.
Weebly is another great free and paid option. (I use this and love it! )

Bonus Resources:
Canva: Graphic design for the uncreative. They have helped patrons use it for cards. Drag and drop and very clean.
Google Analytics: You can track where the spikes and hits are on the site. Paid option, but helps clients zero in on skills.
YouTube: You can find almost anything. There is a video tutorial for it.

They tend opened it up for questions and comments on how we are helping people in our communities.

“Score” is great for helping advanced people at tech.   

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