Wisconsin Trustee Training Week (webinars)
Monday, August 18 - Thursday, August 21; 12 pm
Featured Presenters: Sarah Houghton, Andy Woodworth, Carolyn Brewer and Andromeda Yelton

Four speakers throughout the week will cover a session geared toward public library trustees. Register for one or all four! 
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Grassroots Meeting
Thursday, September 18; 1-4 pm
NeighborWorks Green Bay
Featured Presenter: Rebecca Van Dan, Head of Young Adult Services
Middleton Public Library (Middleton, WI)

Our annual meeting will cover literacy-related, popular culture, STEAM-related, and historical teen-related programming, as well as using teens as presenters and involving them into the community.  We will also discuss the idea of meeting for "Tinker Times," and YOU will also get a chance to share. Pizza and soda included! 


Rebecca Van Dan has worked as the Head of Young Adult Services for Middleton Public Library for 15 years.  After creating a small island library in Ngiwal, Palau, as part of her Peace Corps assignment, she decided to pursue librarianship as a profession.  While she misses the fruit bats and monkeys, her teen group can do a fair imitation of a monkey pack.  She and her husband enjoy restoring their 1840's farmhouse and work together preserving endangered horse breeds on their farm.

Why Your Community Needs You More Than Ever
Friday, September 19; 9 am - 2 pm
Brown County Library
Presented by: Valerie J. Gross, President and CEO
Howard County Library System (Columbia, MD)

Would you like to learn about a simple strategy that will make you, your library, and our profession indispensable for centuries to come? Join in to learn how a growing number of libraries are ushering in a new era with this effective approach. What are these libraries doing differently? They are repositioning their libraries as a key component of the education enterprise, alongside schools, colleges, and universities. 

As libraries from all U.S. regions begin implementing this concept, they are finding that their inherent value is no longer questioned. They no longer need to constantly explain why they are important. No one looks at them anymore with a puzzled look, asking, “Tell me again what you do?” Instead, the library systems enjoy heightened respect in their communities and optimal funding. This is because they are now assigned the same enduring worth assigned to schools. 

At the conclusion of this three-part Professional Development Day—including presentations, a workshop, and discussion—you will have gained the skills and confidence you need to describe your work and profession in terms that people understand and value. You will explore, discuss, and practice proven techniques to: 
  • Redefine libraries in a new, innovative way
  • Align your library with what the community values most: education
  • Incorporate intuitive, value-enhancing words into your everyday lexicon
  • Heighten your library's visibility and stature
  • Develop strategies that you can integrate immediately into your work

Register with Kristin at NFLS; 920.448.4410 or ktenor@mail.nfls.lib.wi.us

Valerie J. Gross, MM, MLS, JD, has served as President & CEO of Howard County Library System (HCLS) in Maryland since 2001. She takes pride in HCLS’ unparalleled curriculum, which has earned HCLS the prestigious status of best library system in North America from the continent's 21,000 public and academic library systems (2013 Library of the Year, Gale/Library Journal).

A frequent speaker and workshop leader, Valerie has authored the book Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand: The Education Advantage. She received the Public Libraries Best Feature Article Award in 2012 and 2010, and was honored as a Library Journal Mover and Shaker in 2004.
An educator and attorney for 30 years, she holds a Master of Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, a Master of Library Science from San Jose State University, and a law degree from Golden Gate University School of Law.

Valerie grew up in Switzerland and has taught English in China. She and her husband, Tri Q. Nguyen, live in Columbia, Maryland. 

Signature Events for Small Libraries (webinar)
Tuesday, September 23; 10 am
Presented by: Cassie Guthrie, Executive Director
Pioneer Library System (Canandaigua, NY)

From "chocolate in the stacks" tastings to mini golf courses to off-site literary dinner parties, small libraries
are getting creative in offering signature events that raise funds and create friends.  This webinar will be a 
"show and tell" of library fundraisers, whith quick tips on how to get started in your community. 


Cassie Guthrie is the Executive Director of the Pioneer Library System, serving 42 small and rural libraries in the
Western Finger Lakes region of New York Stte.  She has also worked as a library director and community outreach librarian.

30-Minute Thursday: 10 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans (webinar)
Tuesday, September 25; 2 pm
Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Continuing Education Coordinator
Nicolet Federated Library System (Green Bay, WI)

Is your library's Facebook page stuck in a rut?  Are you looking for some new ways to engage your patrons? Jamie will talk about some 
cool things other businesses are doing on Facebook and how they can be applied to libraries. 


Branding Your Organizational Culture
Tuesday, October 14; 1 pm
Presented by: Stacie Ledden, Communications Director & Susan Dobbs, Human Resources Director
Anythink Libraries (Thornton, CO)

In this session, Anythink Communications Director Stacie Ledden and HR Director Susan Dobbs discuss how a strong brand and vibrant culture influence each other and can transform an organization. Build a strong culture, and you build a strong brand because your staff IS your brand. Explore language, storytelling, and core values as a means of shaping an organization’s personality, and ultimately creating brand loyalty, helping staff and customers alike fall in love with the library. 

After joining the district in 2008, Stacie assisted in launching the Anythink brand that in 2011 garnered the John Cotton Dana Award for Outstanding Public Relations in Libraries. In her position at Anythink, Ledden has filled the role of event planner, webmaster, brand champion and Anythink cheerleader. Previously, she was an editor for a global newswire service, a freelance writer and faithful library customer.  She was named one of Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers for 2013.

Susan is the Director of Human Resources for Anythink Libraries. She was integral to the library’s reinvention and shifting the culture to one that embraces change, creativity and disruption. She also leads the district’s staff appreciation task force, dubbed the Yellow Geckos, to support a culture of optimism and play at Anythink. Dobbs was also one of the organizers of R-Squared – The Risk & Reward Conference and its popular Culture Experience. She has been in the human resources field for over 15 years, previously in the high-tech start-up industry.

30-Minute Thursday: LibraryReads, Edelweiss & NetGalley (webinar)
Thursday, October 23; 2 pm
Presented by: Jean Anderson, Continuing Education Coordinator
South Central Library System (Madison, WI)

If you want to read the next Rainbow Rowell or Michael Perry book before they're published, you need to know those three words. Jean will show you how to use all three of these fun resources to connect with publishers, authors, and your patrons. (P.S. She read Landline by Rowell and Scavengers by Perry before they were published.)


I'm Stressed Out and You Want Me to Stay Positive?! (webinar)
Tuesday, November 11; 1 pm
Presented by: Stephanie Zimmerman, Training & Development Coordinator
Library System of Lancaster County (Lancaster, PA)

According to CareerCast.com, "Librarian" is one of the top 10 least stressful jobs of 2014.  Hmmmm, what do you think?  What about depleting budgets due to funding cuts?  What about cuts to staffing?  What about the torrent of new technologies that are crashing down on your head?  Feeling a little dizzy?  Feeling a bit stressed?  Don’t panic!  You have the power to shift your mindset and find the calm in the storm.  Find out how a positive outlook can cut down on the harmful stress in your work and in your life!


Stephanie Zimmerman is the Training & Development Coordinator for the Library System of Lancaster, a federated public library system with 14 member libraries, three branches and a bookmobile, which serves 490,562 residents.  She designs and implements technology and development training for the staff and volunteers of the member libraries.  Her goal is to help others to become the best versions of themselves.  Removing the fear of learning, teaching others to do things for themselves, and seeing someone’s excitement when they break through their barriers is her greatest reward.  

Ebooks & Audiobooks: What the Vendors Didn't Tell Us (webinar)
Tuesday, November 18; 10 am
Presented by: Colleen Eggett, Library Trainer and Consultant
Utah State Library (Salt Lake City, UT)

Our public is clamoring to know how to get downloadable eBooks and audiobooks from the public library.  No techie answers, just what to do. Come and learn the best practices of teaching people to use these new downloadable parts of our public library collections.  You may just learn how to do it yourself. Topics include:
1.  How to really teach the public about eBooks and Audiobooks: what works and what doesn’t
2.  The audience may be different for reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks
3.  What you need to know
4.  What your public needs to know
5.  How we can find success in offering downloadable books


Colleen Eggett is a Library Trainer and Consultant in Salt Lake City. She has presented at the American Library Association, the Association for Rural and Small Libraries, and state and regional library association conferences. Her current interests include finding exciting ways of delivering online content to all of America’s libraries. She is dedicated to growing libraries. 

30-Minute Thursday: Library Marketing Words to Avoid (webinar)
Thursday, November 20; 2 pm
Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Continuing Education Coordinator
Nicolet Federated Library System (Green Bay, WI)

Whether you are writing a Facebook post, composing a tweet, creating a press release or brainstorming copy for a flyer, there are certain words that are buzzkills when it comes to marketing your library.  Jamie will talk about words to avoid and what could be used instead.  Some of them might surprise you! 


Black Belt Librarians: Real World Library Security
Wednesday, December 10; 9:15 am - 4 pm
Appleton Public Library

Warren Graham, the leading authority on day to day library security, will share the essential elements of a truly effective security program:
  • How to approach a patron to advise them of a rule in a way that will most likely insure their compliance and keep you safe at the same time.
  • The right mindset staff must have to keep them from being the behavior problem!
  • How to recognize and best respond to different levels of patron emotion.
  • Day to day security tips to immediately make staff safer.

Hosted and Coordinated by OWLS. Co-sponsored by NFLS and Winnefox.

30-Minute Thursday: Two Banks & A Square (webinar)
Thursday, December 11; 10 am
Presented by: Kay Rankel, Director
Gillett Public Library (Gillett, WI)

In May, the Gillett Public Library (a former bank) purchased another bank building right next door to allow for more collection, computer, and socializing space in its current location, and to convert the second bank building into a community center with additional space for meetings and displays.  The area in-between will become a Community Square utilizing input from the entire community.  Kay will talk about the process, progress, and roadblocks along the way in choosing this unique concept.



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