I meant to get my MLS, but the library was too busy
Ruby L. Nugent

She wants to talk about why were are in libraries and walk away about feeling good about what we are doing. Because it was a small group, we all went around and explained where we were working and whatever else. Ruby explained that she was in retail and had two toddlers, and needed a job. She did loss prevention in her job. She saw a job that was a city clerk and did security. She was kind of a “library police woman.” She loved the library part and hated the security part. She then worked for Aurora Public Library and got a clerk job, and she found she loved library work. She was able to do some collection development and really flourished there. The population had a lot of Spanish speakers, so she did a lot to serve that population. She was working there 5 years when management pulled her aside and said she couldn't be pushed up but couldn't, because she didn't have a degree. Then she got a job at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Her professional development was all on her own. She had us go through a hand out with questions and talk to the people next to us.

One of the questions was what we found empowering in our jobs and what we find frustrating.
Why are we still working in libraries? Do we just need a job? Do we love what we do?

I had a nice discussion with the woman at my table. She works at a small library in Alaska. She wishes she had more time in her job because she only works 25 hours a week. That was part of her frustration. I talked about times I have felt I've been empowered and times I have felt frustrated. We then went around as a large group and shared common denominators.

We talked about as a group that we all have struggles and successes and need to share with each other. On the back of our page, she has a checklist and connections that we could be a part of. They are all leadership roles. She mentioned that WebJunction has great lists that are available to us. These are great resources. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in a conference, as a presenter or a room monitor.

She ended by saying we can dream big. Maybe someday she will get her MLS, but she is fulfilled right now. A piece of paper should not limit us to what we do or what we can achieve.

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